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Exploring (simple) ways to generate dynamic styling for your Phoenix Live View projects

Photo by Delila Ziebart on Unsplash

Working on a game as my hobby project brought up some very interesting challenges. While the game is mostly static/table-top style, many of the challenges were related to the multiplier/backend area. But still, some dynamic aspects of the frontend (built with Phoenix Live View and…

José Valim posted this message on Twitter. So here is my experience integrating phx_gen_auth with OAuth for a Phoenix LiveView app.

Some Background

I’m working on (yet another) personal project. It’s a multiplayer browser game written in elixir/phoenix/live_view/surface. If you did not try surface yet, please do. It’s awesome! …

GenStage Under Umbrella — Part 4

This is the last article in the GenStage under Umbrella series, and the shortest. We made quite some progress. We have a working application and tests are passing. GenStages are sending and receiving the expected information across the Umbrella apps.

We miss just one more thing: automate the GenStage subscriptions…


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